NXP® and KegData Enable Innovative Beer Monitoring Solution


KegData captures real time beer consumption data that provides keg purveyors a more efficient way to manage inventory and prevent product waste.


Monitoring keg beer inventory in real time has been a challenging issue for the keg beer purveyor. Establishments typically rely upon the “kick test” or “shake test” to ascertain their current inventory. Refrigerated keg beer storage is expensive, as is loss of revenue from empty inventory, making inventory management a priority.


KegData developed an innovative beer monitoring solution using the principles of fluid dynamics. Beer is drawn off of a keg through KegData’s patented coupler. At the heart of the system is NXP’s pressure sensor which measures the differential pressure between beer and a propellant (CO2). The hydrostatic pressure of the beer as compared to its propellant at a fixed height above the bottom of the keg is convertible to a volume of fluid remaining in the keg. All data is wirelessly transmitted to a central hub.


With KegData’s patented coupler simply placed on the top of beer kegs, it allows for simultaneous withdrawal of the beer and injection of the propellant (CO2). It dramatically simplifies keg beer inventory management.

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