NXP® Partners with Midea for New Smart Kitchen Appliance

Midea Logo

Midea, the world's major consumer electronics maker in China, uses NXP semiconductor microwave heating technologies in kitchen appliances.

Joint Laboratory

In 2012, NXP and Midea established a joint laboratory for collaboration to combine expertise on next generation designs using semiconductor microwave heating technologies.


Enable consistent cooking with greater nutritional value and moisture retention while also implementing unique features for smart, Internet connected appliances.


Midea and NXP jointly developed a new flexible, modular cooking appliance using NXP’s MHT1004N that is specifically developed as a 300 W cooking device.


As a portable cooking appliance, you can conveniently heat food wherever you are whether in the office or away from the kitchen. You also have the ability to cook multiple types of food such as hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, and nuts – just about anything.


Midea’s latest kitchen appliance is the Semiconductor Heating Magic Cube. It includes NXP’s MHT1004N RF LDMOS transistor that is a 300 W cooking device.

NXP’s Dan Viza (pictured at right) shakes hands for the joint laboratory collaboration with Midea’s Alan Luan (pictured at left).