NXP® & Wayv partner for World’s First Portable, Battery-Operated RF Cooking Appliance

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Wayv uses RF power transistors in a compact, small, and light-weight cooking appliance that gives the flexibility to heat food anytime and anywhere.


Enable quick and easy on-the-go cooking of nutritious meals during leisure activities, while traveling, during aid or disaster relief and for defense purposes for personnel out in the field.


The Wayv Adventurer is an innovative cooking appliance that overcomes the battery operated challenge by using NXP’s high efficiency power solutions.


Imagine being able to conveniently cook wherever you are and actively maintain the lifestyle you want in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Includes NXP’s MKW40Z Kinetis MCU with a 2.4 GHz signal generator, a MMA25312 pre-driver, MHT1008 driver and MHT1004 final stage amplifier into a single, integrated closed-loop module.

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