NXP® Processes Data for Wunder-Bar Smart Liquor Dispensing System


Wunder-Bar uses the NXP i.MX28 applications processor in its CloudFlo product, an innovative wireless liquor dispensing and management system that uses web technologies to make inventory management and reporting much easier for bar staff and managers.


Create a way to capture real-time information about the exact quantity of liquids being dispensed.


Wunder-Bar's CloudFlo gateway box uses the i.MX28 applications processor to collect dispensing data from wireless spout dispensers. The CloudFlo unit then delivers the data to a cloud-based web application which enables bar managers and owners to monitor their establishments.


With visibility into "pour" data, managing inventory and controlling costs is much easier for bars and restaurants.

“With a wireless system, you just attach a wireless spout to a bottle, register the spout on the system and you’re ready to go.”
–Will Martindale, Project Manager at Wunder-Bar