NXP® Processor Puts Filmmaking Robot into the Action

Jigabot uses the i.MX 6Quad applications processor to perform digital signal processing and provide the processing power needed by its AIMe auto-framing robot.


Enable people shooting video at home or work to easily frame a moving subject and keep it framed, no matter what


The Jigabot AIMe auto-framing robot, attached to a smartphone or camera, locks onto a beacon signal from a subject to track movement.


Affordable, durable, and easy to use, AIMe enables hands-free, automatic panning and tilting to perfectly frame any action shot.

“NXP technology made AIMe possible, but it wasn't just the i.MX 6Quad applications processor. NXP consulting services enabled us to get the product up and running and to have a demo available in time for CES. We were very impressed with the support services.”

– Rick Stout, CEO at Jigabot

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