NXP® Processors Help Turn a Solo into Multi-track Performance

TC-Helicon uses the NXP i.MX283 applications processor to power the control, display and looping functions and the Symphony DSP56720 to handle all the audio processing in its VoiceLive 3 system.


Enable solo performers and songwriters to build multi-layered performances without the need for additional voices, instruments or sound engineering expertise


VoiceLive 3 from TC-Helicon brings together three powerful capabilities—vocal effects, guitar effects and looping—in a single performance system.


Solo performers can combine a variety of musical effects to create impressive multi-track performances, using one compact, easy-to-use, footswitch-controlled system.

“The two things we had to have as far as processing were audio performance from the DSP and high integration in the applications processor, and we got both with NXP. No one else came close to providing the level of integration we got when we went with the i.MX283.”

– David Hilderman, Chief Operating Officer at TC-Helicon

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