NXP® RFID Takes the Hassle Out of Car Rental

International car rental company Sixt has over 2,000 locations spread over 100 different countries, making it the fifth-largest car rental company in the world with a fleet of over 225,000 rental vehicles.


One of the key challenges for this large organization is streamlining the process of car allocation and ensuring that customers don’t have to wait too long to get the vehicle they want. This would not only make the company more efficient, but also increase customer satisfaction and retention.


NXP and its partners have now embedded passive ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID tags into key fobs, as well as readers in sales counters and inside the lock boxes where customers deposit keys when the office is shut.


With the new NXP-based RFID solution in place, Sixt now has a much better view of exactly what cars it has in stock and the current location of the car keys. Previous to implementation, it could take up to three minutes to find a key, whereas now it only takes 20 seconds. At a busy airport branch that can process more than 600 rentals per day, this potentially saves a huge amount of time.

RFID readers are even installed in key trays for freshly cleaned cars. Rental office staff now can instantly know which cars are out, which are in, and which vehicles are cleaned and ready for rental. The improved speed of service and availability has already reduced the number of customer complaints by 30%. Disputes about the exact time of returned vehicles have also dropped as RFID can provide accurate time information.

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RFID License plate in action (0:44 min)

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