NXP®’s Multi-Protocol Kinetis® KW41Z Wireless MCU Helps Simplify Aquarium Systems Control

NXP makes it easy for C2 Development to simplify connecting, configuring and controlling aquarium lighting and pumps.


Reduce the cost and complexity of creating an aquarium ecosystem that connects AquaIllumination® systems with each other – and with EcoTech Marine® pumps


NXP’s Kinetis KW41Z wireless MCU supports multiple connectivity protocols, providing C2 Development with a flexible, cost-efficient foundation for an IoT-driven aquarium ecosystem


Enable aquarium enthusiasts to quickly and easily create a connected system of aquarium lights and pumps, and control it all from anywhere with just a smartphone

To learn more about C2, visit: www.aquaillumination.com .

Aquaillumination® Systems and EcoTech Marine Pumps


It’s possible to control your home aquarium while you’re away with Aquaillumination® systems and EcoTech Marine Pumps–Powered by NXP Kinetis MCUs.