India Sales Center (IDC): Noida

The center was established as a Center of Excellence for IP development and SoC design.


The India team was responsible for driving and delivering on the Extreme Mobile Convergence (MXC) architecture, which has enabled our customers to make the world's first voice call on a single core. The MXC has been recognized as Best Application Processor in Microprocessor Report. Further, this design has also facilitated in making the world's first voice call on a single core.

Setting Trends in VLSI

The India Design Center is consistently setting trends in the VLSI arena through leading-edge process technologies, efficient design methodologies, creation of digital and mixed-signal IPs and an impressive portfolio of low-tier to high-tier processor cores-platforms like Power Architecture, ColdFire® and StarCore.

Comprehensive SoC Technology

The IDC is involved in developing SoCs supported by a comprehensive application-development toolkit for various applications:

  • Networking
  • Automobile electronics
  • Standard DSP devices
  • Microcontroller product families
  • Microprocessor product families

Centers of Excellence have been built for Home Networking and Residential gateways and Power Architecture-based SoCs following Our entry into