NXP EdgeReady Solutions

Out-of-the-box edge intelligence for your designs

Tested, validated, and upgradeable – from the lab to the living room. A complete, production-grade software and hardware platform, certified by NXP, for fast development of future-proof IoT products.

Quick and Easy Product Development

Bringing intelligent edge compute to your applications is a considerable drain on time, budget, and development resources. The NXP EdgeReady portfolio dramatically reduces these requirements so you can focus on what you do best – product design.

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*Based on customer testimonial using NXP EdgeReady Alexa Voice Solution

Once we finalized the industrial design and backend infrastructure of our new switches in house, we needed a turnkey solution for Alexa Built-In. Working with NXP and AWS IoT Core provided just that - allowing us o accelerate time-to-market and optimize costs.

Shawn Monteith, CTO of iDevices