The NXP Automated Drive Kit is a software enabled platform that provides the required performance, functional safety and automotive reliability for engineers to develop and test self-driving cars. The kit offers an open and flexible platform with an expanding ecosystem of partners to help car makers and suppliers to develop, test and deploy autonomous algorithms and applications quickly.

The kit includes the BlueBox 2.0, ROS workspace, position and perception sensors. The kit framework also supports Baidu’s Apollo Software Platform and a host of autonomous development tools and sensors.

The first release of the Automated Drive Kit includes a front vision system based on NXP’s S32V234 processor, allowing customers to deploy their algorithms of choice. The kit also includes front camera application software, provided by Neusoft, sophisticated radar options, and GPS positioning technology. Customers can choose from various LiDAR options and can add LiDAR Object Processing (LOP) modular software from AutonomouStuff, which provides ground segmentation and object tracking.

Kit Contains

  • Computing: NXP BlueBox 2.0 – BLBX2-DB
  • Vision: NXP S32V234 vision processor, Truly MIPI CSI2 Camera and option of Neusoft front vision application software
  • LiDAR and Radar sensors
  • Positioning kit
  • Leading O/S
  • Middleware: ROS (Robot Operating System)
  • Optional: LiDAR Object Processing modular software

The NXP Automated Drive Kit is now available for ordering from AutonomouStuff as a standalone package that can be deployed by the customer in their own vehicle or as an integrated package with an AutonomouStuff Automated Research Development Vehicle.

For more information and to order a kit, please visit AutonomouStuff website.