Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Converter and Charger


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Our MM9Z1_638 is a fully integrated battery monitoring device for mission critical automotive and industrial applications. An S12Z microcontroller, SMARTMOS analog control IC, CAN protocol module and LIN interface for communications functions are embedded into this single-package soltuion.

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Battery Pack Control
MPC560xB: Ultra-Reliable MPC56xB MCU for Automotive & Industrial General Purpose Scalable MCU family with Power Architecture®.
S12XE: Ultra-Reliable S12XE High-Performance Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers 16-bit automotive microcontroller scalable to 1 MB.
S12XS: S12XS Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs) 16-bit automotive Microcontroller.
S12P: S12P Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs) Low-cost 16-bit automotive microcontroller.
S12G: Ultra-Reliable S12G General Purpose Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers Cost-effective S12 with CAN & LIN/SAE interfaces.
12V Battery Monitoring
MM912_637: Battery Sensor with LIN for 12V Lead-acid Batteries Intelligent Integrated Precision Battery Sensor.
DC/DC converter
56F824X_825X: Digital Signal Controller Non automotive part, for external charger only.