Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Stop/Start System


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Microcontrollers (MCU)
Ultra-Reliable MPC56xB MCU for Automotive & Industrial General Purpose Scalable MCU family with Power Architecture.
Ultra-Reliable S12XE High-Performance Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers 16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller scalable to 1MB.
S12XS Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs) 16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller.
S12P Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs) Low cost 16-Bit Automotive Microcontroller.
Ultra-Reliable S12G General Purpose Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers Suited for applications requiring CAN or LIN/SAE J2602.
8-bit Small Package SG MCUs Watchdog MCU with LIN slave, high temperature.
System Basis Chip (SBC)
LIN 2.1/SAE J2602 transceiver LIN 2.1/SAE J2602 compliant interface for in-vehicle sub-networks using baud rates from 1 kBd up to 20 kBd.
High-speed CAN transceiver with Standby mode High Speed CAN I/F.
Battery Sensor with LIN for 12V Lead-acid Batteries Intelligent Integrated Precision Battery Sensor.
Pre-driver Module
3 Phase Field Effect Transistor Pre-driver Three Phase pre-driver.

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