UAV Flight Controller and Motion Sensors

The basis of a modern UAS/UAV is the system that runs real-time flight control and stabilization on a microcontroller or microprocessor system. Modern designs may use a single MCU on a low-cost system while much more sophisticated systems may employ multi-core redundant and heterogeneous processing capability. NXP microcontrollers are optimized for the performance, efficiency and today’s increasingly stringent security demands. In addition, our automotive grade solutions are well suited to the design methodology and environments in which commercial UAS, and increasingly personal UAVs, operate.

An integrated flight controller also incorporates a multitude of motion and position sensors that may either be the primary source of feedback or act as redundant sensors when other systems report conflicting information. NXP has a diverse set of essential sensors including micro-machined accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers and pressure sensors that help the UAS interpret and navigate their environments.

All NXP MCUs incorporate multiple communications channels and interfaces on a single chip. Interface products can protect and extend these interfaces both onboard using communications systems such as I2C as well as off-board with CAN and LIN to permit optimization of the design architecture. Learn more about the solutions NXP offers for flight controllers and sensors.

Flight Controller and Motion Sensors Applications

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