Vision, Advanced Sensing and Processing Board


Target Applications

  1. Agriculture
  2. Building inspection
  3. Inspecting power infrastructure
  4. Parcel delivery systems
  5. Personal UAV's
  6. Robotics research
  7. Warehouse inventory management


PX4 Robotic Drone FMU (RDDRONE-FMUK66)

RDDRONE-FMUK66 flight management unit (FMU) reference design is a foundation used to build industrial robotic drones, rovers, and other small autonomous vehicles.

i.MX Surround View System

The NXP Surround View System is a technology, which provides a 360-degree wrap around a view that can be used for automotive, industrial, and consumer use cases.

MPC-LS Vehicle Network Processing

The MPC-LS-VNP-RDB is a reference design engineered for Vehicle Network Processing (VNP) applications, used by carmakers, suppliers, and software ecosystem partners.