Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


Category Products Features
QorIQ® Layerscape 1043A and 1023A Multicore Communications Processors

Dual and quad-core, 64-bit Arm® processors up to 1.6 GHz; Support for fan-less operation, Wireless LAN and Power over Ethernet systems

QorIQ® Layerscape 1021A Dual-Core Communications Processor with LCD Controller

Dual-core Arm® Cortex-A7 up to 1.2 GHz with integrated LCD Controller for HMI applications

Kinetis® KE06-48 MHz, Mainstream with CAN Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core

Based on Arm® Cortex-M0+ & M4 cores, designed low-end PLC applications where multiple GPIO are required

i.MX RT1050 Crossover Processor with Arm® Cortex®-M7 core

Highest performing Arm® Cortex-M7 at 500 MHz; good for mid-range applications with enhanced HMI

LPC1100 Series: Scalable Entry-level Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+/M0 Cores

Low power, low cost series based on Arm® Cortex-M0+ up to 50 MHz with diverse peripheral mix

Power-Efficient Microcontrollers (MCUs) With Advanced Peripherals Based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 Core

Combines power efficiency of 220 MHz ARM® Cortex-M4 with multiple high speed connectivity options.

Enhanced fault-tolerant CAN transceiver

High ESD robustness: +-8 kV Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection

Five- Ports AVB & TSN Automotive Ethernet Switch

Enables deterministic partitioning of network bandwidth between critical/control and non-critical/best-effort traffic.

I2C Bus

Includes industrial features such as higher drive capability, 5 V I/O tolerance, lower supply current and individual IO configuration

Load Switches

Logic controller high-side, bidirectional and current-limited power switches with support for Type C PD 3.0

USB PD-PHY and CC-Logic Controllers

Combination controller and protocol responder establishes link operation and delivers power, in accordance with the new PD spec.

USB Redrivers - Signal Conditioners

Single or dual channel, USB DP Combo Redriver or USB Type C Active Switch variants, compliant with USB 3.0, 3.1, DP1.2 specifications

High Speed Signal Switches

Routing of high-speed differential signals with low signal attenuation for PCIe Gen3, Display Port 1.2, USB 3.1 and/or SATA 6 Gbit/s

I2C expander
I2C Bus

NXP’s PCA series of I/O expanders reduce board space and complexity.

  • The PCA 95xx series includes industrial features such as higher drive capability, 5 V I/O tolerance, lower supply current and individual IO configuration
  • ESD protection exceeds 2000 KV HBM for some variants
Power Management
12-Channel Configurable PMIC

Ideally suited to Cortex-A7 and Cortex-A9 consumer & industrial grade applications.

Multi-Output DC/DC Regulator

Quad buck regulators and five user-programmable LDOs to reduce design complexity and overall BOM; Incorporated in multiple Layerscape reference platforms.

Identification & Security
Secure authentication microcontroller

High reliable EEPROM for data storage and program execution; ext. temp options available.

Non-volatile storage
4 Mbit Serial SPI EEPROM

4 Mbit serial EEPROM; could be used to retain parameters for PLC configuration. Tiny WLCSP package

Voltage Level Translator
I2C Voltage Level Translators

5.5V, ESD protection, Ext. temp offerings

USB Type-C
USB Type-C PD PHY and protocol IC, SPI for dongles

Type C functionality requires complexity in decision-making and the PD MCU, running embedded firmware, helps streamline operations.

Switch Detection Interface
MSDI with Suppressed Wake-up and 32 mA Wetting Current

Features 22-to-1 analog multiplexer for reading inputs as analog

NFC Controller
High performance NFC controller, supporting all NFC Forum modes, with integrated firmware and NCI interface

Full NFC controller solution with integrated firmware and NCI interface designed for contactless communication at 13.56 MHz

High Side Switch
36V Industrial Low RDSON eXtreme Switch

Provides robust design, intelligence and safety needed for industrial applications up to 36V supply

AC/DC Controllers
AC-DC Controllers

Primary and secondary side controllers, Flyback controllers, Synchronous rectifier controllers from 5-120W and beyond