Wireless Smoke/Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors


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LPC800 Series: Low-Cost Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Cores
  • Rich set of analog and digital peripherals
  • Efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ for excellent performance at low power consumption
  • Wide variety of package and pinout configurations
KW0x: Kinetis® KW0x-48 MHz, Sub-1 GHz Wireless Radio Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core
  • Run various protocols from global standards to proprietary
  • High performance sub-GHz radio core with an ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU
  • Low noise and power amplifiers integrated
KW41Z: Kinetis® KW41Z-2.4 GHz Dual Mode: Bluetooth® Low Energy and 802.15.4 Wireless Radio Microcontroller (MCU) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core
  • 48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU with up to 512kB flash, 128kB SRAM
  • 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy version 4.2 Compliant
  • Integrated balun to reduce system cost and PCB board area
AC-to-DC Solutions
  • Efficient conversion
  • Multiple options and power ranges to fit many needs
  • High integration reduces overall component count
Voltage Level Translator
Voltage Level Translators
  • Interface easily between sensors and devices with different voltage needs
  • Bidirectional translators work from 1-bit to 32-bit widths
  • Auto direction sensing options
LED Controller
I2C® LED Controllers
  • Easily connect to MCU over I2C bus
  • Offload MCU from controlling LED sequence
  • Generate sophisticated LED sequences for unique user experience
Analog Switch
Analog Switches
  • Allows for switching between analog and digital sources
  • Reduces processor pin count
  • Products ranging from SPST to SP16T