Reliability for a secure, connected industry

Our flexible and scalable solutions enable fast connectivity between industrial and commercial systems to help your design perform under the most extreme conditions.

NXP® has a long legacy of supporting industrial applications with:

  • Broad portfolios of scalable products
  • Devices that operate effectively in harsh environments
  • Longevity programs that help you avoid supply chain issues for 10 to 15 years
  • Over two decades of security leadership and expertise

Our company is committed to its leadership role for the next generation of Industry 4.0/IoT applications.

Discover our solutions for efficient and reliable designs.

Factory Automation

We support smart systems automation for machine control, motor drivers and human-machine interfaces.

Industrial Connectivity

Our solutions range from low-power wireless for industrial IoT to high-speed Ethernet for factory automation.

Motion and Motor Control

Design rugged and efficient applications with the flexibility and accuracy that our motor control platforms provide.

Power and Energy

Build a connected grid of energy generation, distribution and consumption metering.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Our decades of expertise in aerospace and automotive solutions allow us to offer reliable technology for every aspect of unmanned aerial vehicles design (UAV).