Connected Things

Solutions for the IoT

Ensure your IoT application provides reliable and secure connections by leveraging our robust wired and wireless connectivity solutions.

The age of the Internet of Things (IoT) drives innovation to connect more and more of our everyday things, from smart devices and smart appliances to industrial equipment and network infrastructure. Reliable, secure and fast connections are key to delivering on the promise of the IoT and depend on the set of connections between the interfacing edge nodes, the gateways and the cloud.

Our highly-integrated portfolio of solutions is designed to enable your connected IoT products and address the design challenges involved with the compatibility, seamless interoperability and security of these connected things.

Discover solutions for wired and wireless applications to enable reliable connectivity and seamless interoperability.

What's New


Computing at the Edge

Cloud-computing has created new computing paradigms based on virtualization, massive scale and platform service models.


Digital Networking solutions power smart secure infrastructure

Fast secure intelligent roadside units and high bandwidth gateways based on Layerscape processor platforms deliver high bandwidth, low latency performance for next-generation applications.