Consumer Electronics

NXP is supporting the creation of a secure connected world that lets consumers fully benefit from innovations in connected devices and technologies. We deliver system solutions to help you develop cutting-edge applications. These consumer application solutions include:

  • Application-specific reference designs
  • A complete and scalable range of highly integrated, low-power MCUs, and application processors built on Arm® technology
  • Small packaging options
  • Analog and sensing technologies

Kinetis microcontrollers are enabled with Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). i.MX application processors are supported with Android™ and Linux® operating systems. Add in our sensing solutions with high-performance sensing capability, processing capacity and customizable software, power management ICs and wireless charging solutions to get a complete system solution. With a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, software, technology, and services, NXP helps facilitate innovation and shorten your design cycle.

Embedded and Connected Consumer Electronics Solutions