Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine


Category Products Features
512kB flash, 64kB SRAM, Ethernet, USB, LQFP100 package High level of integration and low power consumption at frequencies of 100 MHz.
Scalable Mainstream 32-bit Microcontroller (MCU) based on ARM Cortex-M3 Core High level of integration and low power consumption at frequencies of 120 MHz.
Single-chip 16-bit/32-bit microcontrollers; up to 512 kB flash with ISP/IAP, USB 2.0 full-speed device, 10-bit ADC and DAC Tiny size and low power consumption.
PMIC or Voltage Regulator
14-Channel Configurable Power Management IC Configurable and programmable architecture supporting outputs with various current ratings to power the core processor, memory and a wide range of peripherals.
Power Management for i.MX50/53 Processors Easily combined with an external charger, allowing flexibility for either single or multi-cell Li-Ion battery configurations.
3-Phase Gate Pre-Driver
3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver Three half-bridge drivers, each capable of driving two N-channel MOSFETs.
Three Phase Field Effect Transistor Pre-driver Three high side FET pre-drivers and three low side FET pre-drivers.
Pressure Sensor
Absolute, Integrated Pressure Sensor (15 to 130kPa) On-chip, bipolar op amp circuitry and thin film resistor networks providing high output signal and temperature compensation.
-115 to 115kPa, Gauge and Absolute Pressure Sensor Advanced micromachining techniques, thin-film metallization, and bipolar semiconductor processing to provide accurate high-level analog output signal proportional to applied pressure.