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Digital Signal Processors

Range of solutions for digital signal processing and controlling optimized for applications ranging from general embedded markets to motor control and power conversion.

Digital Signal Controllers

Combine the best features of microcontrollers (MCU) and powerful digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities in one single chip.

Signal Conditioning
Signal Conditioners

Amplifies signals from sensors to make them suitable for processing.

USB Interfaces

USB Type-C, Micro-USB Type B and A connector interface.

Wireless Connectivity
Kinetis® KW30Z-2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1) Microcontroller based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Low Power ARM Cortex M0+, BLE v4.1, ZigBee.
Kinetis® KW31Z-2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Radio Microcontroller (MCU) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core Low Power ARM Cortex M0+, BLE v4.2, ZigBee, Thread, Dual PAN.
NTAG I²C - Energy harvesting NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with field detection pin and I²C interface Near Field Communication (NFC), I2C Contact Interface.
Power Management
Multi-Output DC/DC Regulator High-efficiency, quad buck regulator with up to 4.5 A output and five user-programmable LDOs.
14-Channel Configurable Power Management IC Configurable and programmable architecture supporting outputs with various current ratings to power the core processor, memory and a wide range of peripherals.
12-Channel Configurable PMIC Configurable architecture that supports numerous outputs with various current ratings as well as programmable voltage and sequencing.

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