Category Products Features
i.MX RT Series: Crossover Processor Combines high performance of an apps processor + real-time functionality of an MCU.
i.MX 6ULL Single-Core Processor with Arm® Cortex®-A7 Core Cost-optimized MPU based on Arm® Cortex-A7 to 900 MHz with integrated power management
i.MX 7ULP Family: Ultra-Low-Power with Graphics 800 MHz Cortex-A7 plus 150 MHz Cortex-A4 heterogeneous processing with2D/3D GPU
Wireless Connectity
Kinetis® KW41Z-2.4 GHz Dual Mode: BLE and 802.15.4 Wireless Radio Microcontroller (MCU) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Core Ultra low-power, highly-integrated device that enables BLE v4.2 and IEEE® 802.15.4.
Low-Power Multi-Channel UHF RF Wireless Platform Suggested product: OL2385AHN
I2C General Purpose I/O 4,8,16,24 or 40 GPIO pins for the CPU via the I2C bus.
Tiny Real-Time Clock/calendar with alarm function and I²C-bus Suggested product: PCF85063A
8-bit Fm+ I2C-bus LED driver Suggested product: PCA9634
Identification & Security
NTAG I²C plus, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with I²C interface Suggested product: NT3H2111
LED Controller
8-bit Fm+ I2C-bus LED driver I2C-bus controlled 8-bit LED driver for RGBA applications
Capacitive 8-channel touch and proximity sensor with auto-calibration and very low power consumption Capacitive proximity sensor with auto-calibration and very low power consumption
Power Management
Power Management for i.MX Application Processors PMIC only needed for i.MX7ULP design. Suggested product: PF1550.