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Block Diagram

Block Diagram
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Kinetis® KM3x-50–75 MHz Precision Metrology with Segment LCD MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+

256 KB/128 KB/64 KB single array flash, Supports v6-M Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) including all 16-bit v7-M instructions plus a number of 32-bit thumb-2 instructions.

Real-Time Clocks

Broad portfolio of tiny, full-featured real-time clocks deliver higher accuracy and lower power consumption to a variety of end applications.

Electronic Tamper Detection Smart Meter Reference Design

High-performance smart meter reference design that integrates an ultra-low-power tilt sensor used for electronic tamper detection.

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2017 the year of the smart meter?

Today, with the number of devices forecasted to be connected to the internet, alternate networks need to be considered to anticipate how we can manage and track all the new assets that will be interconnected.