UAV Vision Systems, Advanced Sensing, Autonomy

The future of UAS/UAV is in advanced navigation, collision avoidance and communication. As the leader in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), NXP offers the same broad portfolio of next generation vision, sensing and processing technologies that drive innovation in autonomous cars.

These solutions have been proven and leveraged by the world’s top automotive manufacturers, and span all project requirements from very low-cost workhorse solutions to high-end and hardened alternatives for the stringent functional and security demands of the automotive sector. The NXP catalog includes high performance homogeneous and heterogeneous multicore vision processors with dedicated image processing IP and high speed networking communications on-chip, while supporting fanless operation, extensive integration and power efficiency in a small form factor.

  • NXP i.MX6 and i.MX7 product families are well-proven industrial solutions that include 1-4 32bit ARM A9/A7 cores running image processing on Linux, Android or other RTOS with hypervisor availability.
  • New i.MX 8 processors support 64 bit multicore computing and 8 channels of camera input.
  • S32V ADAS/Automotive vision processors include dedicated specialized hardware IP for image processing algorithms.
  • The LS family communications processors offer support for multiple high-speed networking channels.
  • Our single chip system (SCM) modules are a suite of highly integrated solutions in an unprecedented, ultra-small form factor.