Secure Transactions

NXP® is in the trust business, securing credentials across many applications including payments, government ID, corporate access, and transit. Consumers, issuers, and governments rely on us to protect their privacy and enable secure transactions.

Our payment solutions support a variety of ways in which consumers can carry those secure credentials. Whether in your credit card, smartphone, or wearable device the protection of those secure credentials come from NXP. And while protecting the information stored on those chips is a priority, it would be useless without a way to also transfer the data securely.

Our products lead the way in payment cards that have contact and contactless interfaces. As the coinventor of near-field communications (NFC), we have enabled nearly 2 billion smartphones and wearable devices to successfully leverage the card infrastructure to conduct secure mobile transactions. Together this connectivity interfaces paired with our ability to secure credentials provide consumers the security and convenience they demand.

On the retailer side, NXP facilitates the use of cards, mobile and wearable devices to be used at payment terminals. We also work in “closed loop” payment schemes such as on campuses and theme parks. Often our customers add applications like transit or hotel/dorm room access to these schemes.

We continue to create innovative solutions for our customers, including services that enable payment through “things” and in transit. We have developed a platform that includes NFC, embedded secure elements, and software and services, that has transformed how and where traditional payments can be made. This secure payments platform leverages NXP’s broad portfolio of products for a smart city including the Internet of Things and automotive to bring the next generation of payments to market.