Secure Things

Solutions for the IoT

Lock down IoT vulnerabilities to malware attacks, network breaches and data loss.

As more devices become connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), integrated security solutions with the latest cryptographic techniques are critical for preventing sophisticated system attacks and protecting private user information.

Financial institutions, retailers and governments depend on secure embedded systems that defend against IoT security breaches. NXP technology helps developers build reliable, secure and trusted IoT equipment. From MCUs, to processors, to secure elements, to software and services—NXP provides solutions for ecosystems that require built-in protection.

Security solutions that deliver the highest protection while simplifying user interaction with services and devices.

Secure Transactions

Certified solutions for protecting electronic transactions made through contact and contactless payment systems.

Secure Interface & Infrastructure

Enable intelligent networking infrastructure, revolutionize how networks are built, and offer new network capabilities without compromising security.

Secure Connected Car

Our 4+1 framework provides the right level of protection and countermeasures to address security needs in the connected car.