NXP® and Universal Devices Help Bring Home Automation to the Masses

Universal Devices

Universal Devices utilized NXP technology to develop a flexible and affordable home automation and energy management solution.


In the past, home automation services either required always-on computers or were exclusively targeted to high-end, affluent markets. To service a broader market and keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer technology, Universal Devices needed to come up with a web-based, stand-alone, reliable and inexpensive solution.


The NXP MCF527x ColdFire V2 integrated microprocessor provided the CPU performance, operating system support, and peripheral selection necessary for Universal Devices to develop an easy-to-use home automation solution.


Universal Devices brought affordability and accessibility to the home automation and energy management market.

“In the world of rapid obsolescence of electronic equipment, Our components are exceptions. We are now on our third-generation hardware platform utilizing the same NXP components, and they have dramatically increased the functional features of the system/peripherals with the same level of impeccable performance, agility and reliability even in very harsh climate conditions”

– Michel Kohanim, CEO, Universal Devices