NXP® and Withings Power Innovative Consumer Health Devices


Withings is an innovative company that creates smart devices that measure and track key health indicators and connect wirelessly to mobile devices so consumers can pursue healthier lifestyles in new, networked ways. NXP MCUs power Withings’ family of innovative consumer health devices, including the Wireless Scale WS-30, the Smart Body Analyzer and the Pulse activity tracker.


Create a complete line of easy-to-use, connected health monitoring devices that has a sleek, consumer friendly design.


Withings health devices rely on the Kinetis MCUs based on ARM® Technology family to enable advanced functionality in a low profile, low-power package.


The unique combination of low power, performance, cloud connectivity and attractive design makes Withings healthcare devices appealing to today’s active, health-conscious consumer. The availability of a wide range of capabilities within the Kinetis family of MCUs makes designing new devices more efficient and cost-effective for Withings.

“The range of capabilities and the scalability offered by NXP supports the economical development of extremely innovative, forward-looking technology. This is what makes it possible to deliver our devices at a price point that’s appropriate to a consumer market.”

– Eric Carreel, Chairman of Withings

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