Graphics LCD based on MCU

A reference design for building a Graphics LCD using a Kinetis KL28Z using the standalone peripherial module FlexIO.


Graphics LCD based on MCU Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications

Kinetis KL2x

Cortex-M0+ 72 MHz/96 MHz core frequency, Up to 256 KB flash with 64 byte flash cache, up to 32 KB RAM, Capacitive touch-sensing inputs support up to 16 external electrodes and DMA data transfer.


FlexIO for universal or customized serial peripheral emulation


Supports acceleration of the DES, 3DES,AES, MD5, SHA-1, and SHA-256 algorithms


Certified to the WPC-Qi medium power specification:

  • Interaction between a LCD display by FlexIO
  • Enables the user to build their own peripheral directly in the MCU
  • Comprehensive software support for Kinetis MCUs and drivers for each MCU peripheral, middleware, real-time OS.


Certified to the WPC-Qi medium power specification:

  • OpenSDA debug interface (including USB to UART bridge)


  • TWR-KL28Z72M   Active

  • Tower System Development Board for Kinetis KL28 MCUs
    • TWR-KL28Z72M
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