One Management System in NXP

Our One Management System is an integrated approach to the way we work using processes and procedures. It is based on our top level process description:

Our Business Process Management (BPM) is managed in a system we call “How2” which covers the organizations main processes and describes more detailed activities where required. Its main purpose is to describe how we do things in NXP. In a traditional quality system it can be difficult to get the interfaces, connection and links between processes aligned when there are many individual documents and procedures. This system connects those activities, provides details of the way of working and is supported by our documentation system when additional information is required (e.g. policies, specifications, forms, etc).

The portal provides our employees access to the quality systems processes in our company including their applicable documents, requirements, tools, training and data in a user-friendly way.

The Process owner also has the capability to own, manage and improve their process. This is essential when facing new initiatives and future challenges.

Process Mapping

Each process is mapped using the simple concept shown below. Our process mapping functionality includes:

  • Hyperlinks on the arrows to the right piece of information (document, data or repository)
  • Drilling down to next level (using the down arrow icon)
  • Access to information attached to the activity (using the paper clip icon)

An example of a process flow chart for the complaint activity is shown below:

In addition to process execution, we can facilitate process management and improvement. Each process is structured in multiple views:

By Process Displaying the standard categories by process
By Employee Job Function e.g., I am a Quality Engineer – what processes apply to me
By Process Task e.g., I need to handle a complaint (not to learn the entire process), but the steps I need to take.