At NXP, we trace each product, by manufacturing lot, through the process of wafer fabrication, assembly and test (manufacturing) and warehouse and distribution. Each manufacturing lot’s history is then available for product research and containment.

We keep this product traceability data in a central storage and reporting database; available 24/7.

How It Works

  • Manufacturing execution systems send a trace record at each main process step
  • Multiple types of events are recorded during the product build and shipping
  • Markings on each unit are stored in the central database, so we can match marked materials to their manufacturing lots

Trace data includes:

  • Location
  • RoHS compliance
  • Manufacturing lot
  • Part number
  • Date/time stamps
  • Quantities
  • Customer shipping information

We can trace forward, backward and bidirectionally starting from any manufacturing record.

We can start tracing a specific unit using a combination of information:

  • Part number
  • Manufacturing lot number
  • Shipping delivery number / Pack List
  • Marking
  • Shipping dates
  • Customer shipping information

Our tools enable us to quickly identify and contain impacted parts in case of an issue.