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How Do We Define A Safety Concept for a Traction Inverter?

How Do We Define A Safety Concept for a Traction Inverter?

For electric vehicles, the traction inverter can make the difference in improved performance, better efficiencies and longer driving range.

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You Are All the Proof That’s Needed: Fingerprint on Card Confirms Identity Without PINs or Signatures

How often do you use contactless smartcard technology? Whether you’re buying groceries, entering a building, riding public transport, crossing a border or doing any number of other tasks, contactless smartcard technology is likely to be part of the transaction.

Smart Packaging with NXP NTAG®SmartSensor

For a wide range of products, packaging has traditionally played a relatively simple role. That role is being significantly extended and enhanced with smart or intelligent packaging.

How Body-Worn Temperature Monitoring Can Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

Though the SARS, MERS, and Ebola outbreaks each resulted in loss of life, they were restricted to a relatively small number of countries. COVID-19 has proved far more challenging to contain.

NXP Enables a Deeper View to Machine Learning

As with many new complex technologies, machine learning is following an adoption life cycle whereby ‘early adopters’ have utilized this technology for the last few years.

Unmanned Stores—Was It All Hype?

You may recall how, a few years ago, there was significant interest regarding unmanned stores. Retailers were going to use technology to eliminate cashiers and create a more frictionless, seamless shopping experience.

Alexa Connect Kit and LPC5500 MCUs: Cost-Effective Simplicity and Rich Integration

NXP has validated the compatibility of its LPC551x/S1x microcontroller (MCU) family for Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) – making it the market’s first ACK-validation to take advantage of the Arm® Cortex®-M33 architecture.

How Do We Define A Safety Concept for a Traction Inverter?

As car makers continue to improve each piece of the electrified powertrain, the role of the traction inverter continues to be central for energy efficient and robust EV systems.

Breaking Down Edge Processing with NXP’s Gowri Chindalore and EEJournal’s Amelia Dalton

Edge processing has developed into a full-fledged technical revolution, and one of our goals as a company is to help the industry achieve high-performance and energy-efficient computing through scalable, embedded processing.

The Emergence of Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing is a novel computing technology based on quantum-mechanical principles.