We operate in many different countries and ship to most countries in the world and have close relationships with customers, other multinational electronics companies and industry associations.

Our business brings us into contact with a very wide range of stakeholders and requires that we be sensitive to those interactions. We believe that dialogue leads to mutual understanding, and with it a mutual commitment to sustainable development. We made stakeholder dialogue a part of our management processes and our Sustainability Policy.

We address the interests of each group through various methods and make regular assessments of our effectiveness. We continue to strengthen our approach, creating an additional structure where needed and improving the overall quality of each interaction. Some examples of our stakeholder interactions are given here.

Stakeholder Interaction

Customer loyalty program

Customer meetings

Customer management support

Customer supply chain report

Joint research and development

Joint strategy development

Exhibitions and trade shows


Town hall meetings

Print and web-based media

Employee surveys

People Performance Management (PPM)

Employee councils, union meetings

Suppliers, Subcontractors

Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier meetings

Supplier audits


Information meetings


Community projects

Local networking

Local, national and international regulatory bodies

Industry associations

Advisory bodies

(Local) networking/lobby activities

Funded/non-funded lighthouse projects


Supervisory board meetings

Ad hoc involvement


Quarterly results call

Financial presentations, meetings



Products and competence presentations

Financial presentations, conference calls

Electronics/semiconductor industry

Industry associations

Standards committees

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) Ad hoc involvement

University programs

Joint research and development

Local networking