Our environmental program helps NXP conserve vital energy resources and increase our efficiency. We monitor and measure the environmental impacts using a sustainability management system which measures and tracks the energy consumption of our manufacturing sites.

We use electricity and natural gas, and a small amount of diesel to run our emergency generators.

Electricity Overview

Semiconductor manufacturing is an electricity-intensive process. As a result, our wafer-fabrication sites represent the majority of our electricity use. Non-industrial electricity is only 3% of NXP's total consumption.


Our manufacturing facilities require a significant amount of electricity, therefore our strategic focus is on conservation initiatives and improving process efficiencies.

Industrial Electricity

Our industrial sites continually optimize processes and upgrade equipment to reduce electricity consumption.

Non-Industrial Electricity Consumption

Electricity consumption at our offices and R&D centers is 3% of our total consumption. In 2020, we achieved a 73% reduction in the absolute electricity consumption for non-industrial sites from a 2010 baseline, mainly because we used less non-industrial office space.

Energy Consumption

In addition to electricity, we consume minimal energy from sources such as natural gas, diesel and other fossil fuels.

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