Moscow is a birthplace of brilliant minds and new beginnings, so it was only appropriate that NXP launched its first activities in the capital city. Today, NXP Russia includes a design enablement group, an automotive IC design center and a business development group.

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NXP in Our Community

University Engagements

NXP Russia is in close cooperation with the National Research University “MIET” to hire students as both 2- or 3- year interns and new hires. More than 90% of NXP Moscow NXP team members are MIET graduates. Our team members also act as mentors and provide theses consultation to help prepare talented young professionals for the industry.

Team Member Testimonials

Our people are the heart of our company. At NXP Russia, we strive to create an environment where team members feel valued for their contributions and can grow their competences. Search jobs in Russia


“NXP allows young employees to unveil their potential. When I joined NXP after graduation I was timid and spoke little English. Even so, my manager entrusted me to leverage my talents in driving new technology, and experienced colleagues helped me navigate challenges. Being immersed with global teams has greatly improved my English as well. There are always people ready to help at NXP!”


“Exciting tasks, versatile experience - these thoughts come into my mind when I think of my career as a layout automation engineer and project leader at NXP. But the most important things for me are my team and colleagues from different countries around the globe. Deep technical knowledge and exceptional respect for one another make us the best crew in the world.”


“I joined NXP shortly after graduation. Many smart people passed skills on to me, leading to the experience I have today. Most important in my life is being a mother to two children. I took two breaks in my career, and I am grateful to my fantastic team for supporting me in coming back both times. I’m happy to have balance of family and my work. NXP is the best place to me.”