Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

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The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promote sustained and inclusive economic growth, social development and environmental protection in the interest of creating a world that is just, equitable and inclusive.

NXP supports the UN SDG’s with our existing programs and technology that contribute to progress against 13 of the 17 SDG goals. Our programs and products focus on ensuring healthy lives, achieving dignity, prosperity and justice for all people and protecting our planet for future generations.

The sections below regarding our smart technology, environmental responsibility, supplier engagement and social impact demonstrates NXP’s commitment to the SDG’s.

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Smart Technology

  • zero hunger

    NXP IoT technology advances agricultural production by contributing to the European Internet of Farming 2020 (IoF2020). Our technology will connect sensing and monitoring technologies along the entire agricultural production chain and enable the analysis of an impressive amount of data, in a secure and user-friendly manner.

    NXP’s RF technology is used to create cooking appliances that deliver high-quality cooking and retain nutritional elements by not overcooking.

    NXP’s RFID is used to improve efficiencies across the entire food supply chain, from farm to fork translating directly into less food waste. The use of temperature sensors with integrated NXP RFID tags providing in transit data on the temperature level in real-time improving visibility into the conditions to which perishable products are exposed during transport. This technology helps avoid food and medical waste during transit.

  • Good health and well being

    NXP technology advances medical and wearables to help connect the devices that improve people’s lives.

    NXP technology assists in monitoring and diagnosing immunological pathologies onsite and rapidly acquire data to provide fast and trustworthy results.

    NXP products help make portable medical devices easier to use, interoperable and able to remotely relay patient data from home to healthcare provider, which can eliminate the need for a healthcare visit and reduce costs.

  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure

    NXP technology solutions support sustainable energy management for green cities and homes. These applications range from appliances, smart building designs, smart homes making them more connected, convenient and secure.

    NXP is committed to its leadership role for the next generation of industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 applications enabling greater Machine Safety, Connectivity and productivity.

    NXP technology helps reduce CO2 emissions by improving the flow of traffic, enabling electrical driving and making electronics energy efficient.

  • Sustainable cities and communities

    NXP solutions support the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge which includes real-time vehicle-to-vehicle infrastructure communication systems and secure public transportation smart cars for a more intelligent urban transportation system.

    Leading cities worldwide will employ Intelligent Roadside Units powered by NXP technologies to help smooth traffic flow, improve safety and emergency response, and provide additional services.

  • Peace, Justice and strong institutions

    NXP uses microprocessor based smartcard technology to store and protect personal information in an eID format. This makes citizen data more secure, and as a result helps combat identity theft and reduce fraud. That, in turn, makes government programs more effective and more efficient, and lowers the cost of providing services. Increased security benefits a number of government-funded activities, such as healthcare services, social-welfare programs, and tax collection.

    NXP’s microcontrollers used in electronic passports deliver major advancements in terms of security. The use of ePassports makes it harder to present illegally issued travel documents and helps reduce black-market trade.

Environmental Responsibility

  • clean water and sanitation

    NXP 2020 goal is to reduce water consumption by 30% from a 2010 baseline globally.

    At NXP we promote environmental management with the goal to help resolve social issues such as maintaining clean water supply for our communities.

    Our projects focus on the reduction of water consumption in manufacturing and increased onsite water reuse/recycling.

    We monitor and manage the quality of wastewater discharged into the communities in which we operate by utilizing onsite water treatment facilities and continuous monitoring/testing as required by local authorities.

  • Responsible production and consumption

    NXP 2020 goal is to reduce electricity & water consumption by 30% from a 2010 baseline.

    NXP’s goal is to phase out chemicals of concern from our manufacturing and recycle the chemicals in a responsible manner.

    NXP 2020 goal for recycling is recycle 90% of generated waste from a 2010 baseline.

    NXP products are designed to be compliant with EU and China chemical content regulations.

  • Climate Action

    NXP 2020 goals is to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% from a 2010 baseline.

    NXP’s goal is optimize site conservation, abatement projects and substitute chemicals to reduce emissions from our equipment.

Supply Chain Responsibility

  • Good health and well being

    NXP collaborates, trains, audits and re-audits our supply chain to verify that the health and safety of workers are compliant to the NXP social responsibility auditable standards.

    These standards address living conditions and safe and healthy working conditions.

    NXP invests in assessments, audits and capacity building of our supply chain.

  • Gender Equality

    NXP’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires that suppliers shall not harass or discriminate based on race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity in hiring and employment practices such as hiring, wages, promotions, rewards, and access to training.

    NXP’s Social Responsibility Auditable standards requires agents or search companies engaged in recruitment services for NXP to have a statement that commits to the respect and diversity in providing recruitment services to NXP and encourage equal opportunity, fairness and respect for diversity.

  • Decent work and economic growth

    The NXP’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to provide decent and safe working conditions, decent living quarters, wage and benefits that comply with applicable wage laws and legally mandated benefits.

    Working hours shall not be more than 60 hours per week, except in emergency or unusual situations. Workers shall have at least one day off after six consecutive work days.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    The NXP’s Supplier Code of Conduct requires suppliers to promote inclusion of all irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, economic or other status.

    NXP’s Social Responsibility Auditable standards requires agents or search companies engaged in recruitment services for NXP to have a statement that commits to the respect and diversity in providing recruitment services to NXP and encourage equal opportunity, fairness and respect for diversity.

  • Responsible consumption and production

    NXP implemented due diligence processes, according to our policy, to reasonably assure that tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold in the products we manufacture do not directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups.

Social Impact

  • Quality Education

    NXP collaborates with schools and institutions to bring quality education to our younger generation.

    Through our community engagement and our sponsorships, employee volunteerism and employee giving we are committed to promote educational endeavors that encourage students to learn about science, technology, engineering and math to help inspire future innovators.

  • Reduced Inequalities

    NXP’s Code of Conduct states that NXP may not hire, fire, demote, transfer or make any other employment related decision based on a person’s age, color gender, gender identity, mental or physical disability, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

    NXP promotes diversity and inclusion by sponsoring employee resource groups. These groups enable and empower a diverse work environment throughout our organization. The teams are:
    Women Leadership Team, Asian Cultural Team, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Team, Hispanic Education Awareness Team and Black Achievement Leadership Team.

  • Life on land

    NXP globally collaborates with environmental groups and programs to clean natural habitats in the places in which we live and work.

    NXP takes action to reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and provide financial resources to conserve the ecosystems.

    Through corporate sponsorships, employee volunteerism and employee giving we are committed to fostering the sustainable use of the earth’s resources and promoting a clean healthy environment.