Corporate Responsibility

At NXP, we believe that our corporate responsibility is to continuously improve through our actions to make a positive impact on society. As a technology company, we want our stakeholders and employees motivated and excited to work for a responsible company and design products that can change the world.

NXP believes that, by building on innovation and providing technologies that directly address societal demands, some of the most exciting times for NXP lie ahead. NXP will continue to carry out corporate responsibility and do our best to be good corporate citizens for the future. We believe the semiconductor industry is poised to take on new challenges. We use the latest semicondutor technologies; producing tiny circuits that can perform advanced functions with relatively low power consumption. Our industry can help address some of the most compelling challenges we face as a society. Issues relating to energy efficiency, mobile populations, national and personal security, and caring for the health of a growing and rapidly aging world population.

In particular, our industry has the potential to directly address our dependence on fossil fuels and minimize carbon emissions. Semiconductors are already reducing the power consumption of server farms and making consumer appliances operate more efficiently. They’re also accelerating the deployment of:

  • Energy efficiency
  • National and personal security
  • Dependence on fossil fuels and minimize carbon emissions
  • Caring for the health of a growing and rapidly aging world population
  • Reduce the power consumption of server farms
  • Enabling the shift to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Making consumer appliances operate more efficiently
  • Accelerating the deployment of energy-saving lighting technologies

It is our collective responsibility, as an industry, to continue this trend of being proactive as we create value for consumers, the environment, and society as a whole.

We welcome comments ( and will continue to monitor feedback and consider changes for future reports.

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