The CEO on Sustainability

NXP innovates and manufactures devices that help shape the future of communications networks and the Internet of Things, as well as industries from mobile to automotive, NFC, and RF. Our aim is to be the best semiconductor company in the world, supporting and empowering our employees to make a difference for our customers, shareholders, society, and the world at large. Sustainability is a key pillar of our work at NXP, because we believe that a smarter world begins on a sustainable planet. That’s why we constantly look for opportunities to preserve and promote smarter, more energy-efficient and safer ways of living. Which brought us to work with the U.S Department of Transport, supplying the winner of its Smart Cities Challenge with the technology to support a smarter transport infrastructure. Self-driving cars, connected vehicles and smart sensors are all part of the plan, and each of these innovations is supported or enabled by NXP technology.

There are many more examples of how, in a world of finite resources and increasing consumer demand, NXP strikes a balance that serves our customers, employees, and shareholders. Our IoT innovations for example, are part of a radical shift in the way people connect and interact with the objects and devices around them. And our technologies for smart cars and smart cities will help m ake our world safer, greener, and more energy efficient. In fact, today’s consumer can benefit from NXP innovations in every sphere of life, as they are increasingly incorporated into devices at home, in schools and offices, cars and medical products, mobile and wearables.

At NXP, we embrace our responsibility to act according to the highest standards, to know right, and do right. Sustainability means maintaining a safe working environment, promoting good health, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities and promoting dignity and respect for all employees. It is a broad subject that we have focused into three guiding principles:

  • Engage this encourages us to connect and communicate with those around us in a way that fosters a positive relationship, both at work and within our communities.
  • Protect living up to our responsibility as a global company, protecting the local environment and wider world. This also involves ensuring the health and safety of every employee, and protecting their human rights.
  • Respect this is applied everywhere, in how we act with each other, without bias or prejudice. Respect also covers our relationship with the wider world and our place in it.

Setting new benchmarks for sustainability

The principles set out above also guide NXP towards our goals of reducing carbon emissions, decreasing consumption of water and energy, increasing recycling, phasing out chemicals of concern and reducing our workplace injury rate. Many of our benchmarks have already been adopted in the wider industry, and also by customers, who work closely with us to raise global standards in sustainability. That is why NXP is proud to be a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and work towards meeting the goals of the 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We remain committed to reporting on our progress and invite stakeholders to partner with us to make a positive impact going forward.

NXP will continue to engage with the world to deliver on our commitments to protect and respect. We will continue to do this in a sustainable way, with our partners, suppliers, customers, and shareholders. And we will continue to find new and better ways to make a difference, and to earn the position of the world’s best semiconductor company.

Rick Clemmer
CEO, NXP Semiconductors