S32K358 Battery Management Unit (BMU) for High Voltage Battery Management System (HVBMS) Reference Design Board


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Product Details

Block Diagram

HVBMS 800 V Battery Management Unit with S32K358 - RD-K358BMU

RD-K358BMU Features

Supported Devices


Battery Pressure Monitoring Sensors (BPMS)

Power Management

High Side Switches

Safety SBCs

BLDC, H-Bridge, Stepper

Battery Communication ICs

Processors and Microcontrollers

S32K Auto General-Purpose MCUs


CAN with Flexible Data Rate

3.3 V / 5 V IO CAN Transceivers

CAN Partial Networking

Analog and Mixed Signal

RTCs with Temperature Compensation



  • 3x CAN FD interfaces, one with partial networking
  • 4x electrical transport protocol link (ETPL) interfaces
  • 4x contactor drivers with PWM economization and current monitoring
  • 2x overcurrent protected outputs for battery cooling / heating valves
  • 2x overcurrent and reverse polarity protected outputs for junction box and DCLink bus pre-charge contactor

Advanced Features

  • On-board pressure sensor for thermal runaway detection
  • PWM-based interlock pilot loop
  • Low current consumption in sleep mode
  • Cell voltage and battery current measurement synchronization for state of health calculation

Wake-Up Sources

  • SBC – periodic wake up
  • VCU CAN – partial networking
  • CMU wake up via CMU CAN or ETPL
  • Pressure sensor – thermal runaway event detection

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