PCF85263A I²C-Bus Evaluation Board

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Product Details

Supported Devices

Analog and Mixed Signal

Real-Time Clocks


Key Features

  • Straight forward evaluation of the new tiny RTC PCF85263 with:
    • Battery back-up
    • 2 alarm facilities with 2 configurable interrupt outputs
    • Timestamp
    • Tracking time or stopwatch, with 1/100 s resolution


  • Easy access to all pins despite of the tiny package:
    • Connector P2 100 mil (2.54 mm) pin pitch
    • Access to all pins
  • Interfacing with the Fm+ development board OM13320:
    • Connector P1

Power Management

  • Battery on board for autonomous operation
    • Can be switched off
  • Easy measurements of power consumption
    • Jumper J2 yo open to link in μA-meter


  • Push bottom to trigger timestamp

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  • OM13510

  • PCF85263A I2C-bus evaluation board.

  • $62.50 USD
  • For a quantity of 1
    • Availability: Pending stock
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