PT2000 Evaluation Kit with KL25Z for 3 Cylinder with Freewheeling

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Power Management

Powertrain and Engine Control



  • PT2000 Programmable Solenoid Pre-Driver Circuit
  • FRDM-KL25Z for SPI communication and IO control
  • Power-conditioning circuitry
  • External MOSFETs used to control 3 injectors with freewheeling
  • +12 V VBAT supply provides the power to the two internal voltage regulators, VCCP and VCCP2.5
  • DC-to-DC control


  • Battery voltage range, 5.5 < VBATT < 72 V
  • Predrive operating voltage up to 72 V
  • High side/low side predrive PWM capability up to 100 kHz
    • All predrivers have four selectable slew rates
  • Twelve selectable, predefined VDS/VSRC monitoring thresholds
  • Encryption for microcode protection
  • Integrated 1.0 MHz back-up clock
  • End of injection detection

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  • Freedom Platform - PT2000, Programmable Gate Driver.

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