Circular Pump Inverter Reference Design


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Block Diagram

Circular Pump Inverter Block Diagram

Circular Pump Inverter Block Diagram

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

KV Series Arm Cortex-M4/M0+/M7

Power Management

AC-DC Controllers with Integrated Power Switch


Cost Optimized Inverter Design

  • Single shunt current sensing
  • Default solution without opamp
  • Cost optimized NXP MCU and DC-DC converter
  • Integrated inverter IC
  • Inrush circuit

High Efficient Motor Control

  • Space vector modulation
  • DC-bus ripple elimination
  • Dead-time compensation
  • Current measurement calibration
  • Stator resistance estimation
  • Sensorless FOC

Diagnostics and Class B Safety

  • MCU core, memory, and peripheral self-tests using NXP’s certified safety library
  • Detection mechanisms for following hazard conditions:
    • Blocked rotor
    • Disconnected motor phase
    • Rotor overload
    • Medium over-temperature
    • Inverter over-temperature
    • Under-/over-voltage
    • Under-/over-power


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