Microcontroller Symbols, Footprints and Models

Exporting Universal BXL Files

We offer Microcontroller symbols and footprints in a single, vendor-neutral BXL file. A free export tool provided by Accelerated Designs can be used to convert BXL files to CAD systems.

Step 1: - Download and install the Ultra Librarian software

Step 2: - Open the desired BXL file

Step 3: - Use Ultra Librarian to export to the CAD tool(s) of your choice

CAD/EDA schematic symbols are available in the following formats:


  • Altium PCAD (importable by Altium Designer)
  • Cadence Allegro DE HDL (Concept)
  • Cadence Orcad Capture
  • Eagle
  • Mentor DxDesigner
  • Mentor Design Capture
  • Mentor Design Architect
  • Mentor PowerLogic
  • Target 3001
  • Zuken Cadstar

CAD PCB footprints are available in the following formats:


  • Altium PCAD (importable by Altium Designer)
  • Cadence Orcad Layout
  • Cadence Orcad PCB Editor
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Eagle
  • Mentor Boardstation
  • Mentor PowerPCB (PADS)
  • Mentor Expedition
  • Target 3001
  • Zuken Cadstar

Search for Symbols, Footprints and Models

Search below to find device package and IO resources including:

  • IBIS and BSDL models
  • CAD Symbols and footprints (BXL format)
  • Package Drawings
  • Datasheets

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