S12P and MC33812 Small Engine Control Reference Design

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Block Diagram

MC44812/S12P Small Engine

KIT33812ECUEVME Small Engine System Control - Block Diagram

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

16-Bit S12 and S12X MCUs

Power Management




  • Designed to operate over the range of ~4.7 V ≤ VPWR ≤ 36 V
  • Fuel injector driver current limit: 4.0 A typical
  • Ignition pre-driver can drive IGBT or Darlington bipolar junction transistors
  • Ignition pre-driver has independent high and low side outputs
  • Relay driver current limit: 4.0 A typical
  • Lamp driver current limit: 1.5 A typical
  • All external outputs protected against short to battery, over-current
  • Ignition and other drivers protected against over-temperature
  • Interfaces directly with to MCU using 5.0 V parallel interface
  • VCC voltage pre-regulator provides +5.0 V power for the MCU
  • MCU Power. On RESET generator
  • MCU watchdog timer circuit with parallel refresh/time setting line
  • Independent fault annunciation outputs for ignition and injection


  • ISO-9141 K-Line transceiver for communicating diagnostic messages

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