Development Boards and Designs

Development Boards and Designs

How to start developing for your next design

Start prototyping today. Browse our extensive library of evaluation and development boards along with reference designs including complete form factors.

Browse hardware by product

Browse development boards, designs and other necessary hardware tools based on the NXP product you are interested in.

Latest Boards and Designs

The RD33774CNC3EVB featuring the MC33774 is a reference CMU for development purposes.

The RD-K358BMU featuring the S32K358 is a reference BMU for development purposes.

FRDM-MCXA153 is a compact and scalable development board for rapid prototyping of MCX A14 and A15 MCUs using the MCUXpresso Developer Experience.

Development and Evaluation Collections

Analog Toolbox

Evaluation boards and reference designs supporting analog mixed-signal and power solutions.

Automotive Development Platforms

Great choice for quick start prototyping with a variety of automotive ultra-reliable microcontrollers and processors.

Automotive Motor Control Development Solutions

Rapid prototyping and evaluation of motor control applications.

General Purpose Development Boards and Evaluation Kits

Small, low-power, cost-effective evaluation platforms for application prototyping.

i.MX Evaluation and Development Boards

i.MX applications processors for real-time, low-power and safety-critical solutions.

Sensors Evaluation Boards

Wide spectrum of sensor evaluation boards including demonstration kits, shield development boards and breakout boards for supported IoT sensors.

StarterTRAK Development Boards

Automotive feature-sets for Body and Security, Powertrain and Safety and Chassis.

Quick reference

Adapters, Cables, Sockets Physical connectors that enable the integration, connectivity and testing (test sockets) between devices.
Embedded Board Solutions Combination of hardware and softare; system-on-module (SOM), computer-on- module(COM) and single board computer (SBC) independent of the form factor.
Emulators, Probes, Programmers Physical tools for in-circuit programming, debugging and testing devices.
Evaluation and Development Boards Printed circuit board with programmable components designed to produce a working circuit for evaluation or development of a product application.
Reference Designs Application-specific design (typically PCB, full form factor) with schematics, BOMs and design files optimized for the specific use case(s) intended.