15 W Buck Wireless Charging Receiver Reference Design

Buck architecture powered by MWPR1516


15W Wireless Charging Receiver


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WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

WPR1500-BUCK Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications


  • 12-bit ADC and PGA provide the easiest solution for small system level power loss detection to achieve FOD
  • USB/adaptor switcher to set wired charging as higher priority to save power
  • I2C and UART reserve the capability for receiver and main AP (application processor) communication for either security or content delivery


  • Buck architecture provides flexibility for various output voltage targeting different application charging voltage requirement
  • Specially designed FSK and CNC models ease the MPWG bi-directional communication development
  • Reference solution with NXP® embedded wireless charger software libraries provides customer design freedom, products differentiation and access to essential NXP IPs
  • Provides a friendly user interface FreeMASTER to encourage interaction
  • Provides a highly integrated and flexible platform to help customer shorten development time and reduce time to market
  • Pre-validated according to WPC compliance testing procedure
  • The demonstration board provides 5 V output with 3 A capability and has the capability for other output voltage (up to 18 V) to support dual cells or 3 cell devices


  • WPR1500-BUCK   Active

  • 15 Watt Wireless Charging Receiver Reference Platform with BUCK Architecture
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