RD9Z1-638BJBEVM: Battery Junction Box Reference Design

High voltage battery junction box reference design with voltage, current, temperature and insulation measurement.


RD9Z1-638BJBEVM Top View
RD9Z1-638BJBEVM Bottom View


Technical and Functional Specifications

  • Power supply input from 5 V to 12 V
  • Up to 7 voltage sensing channels for high voltage measurement
  • 1 current sensing channel to measure the charge current and discharge current
  • 1 temperature sensing channel to measure shunt resistor temperature for calibration
  • Integrated insulation resistance measurement
  • 1 isolated CAN communication channel to BMU/VCU


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  • RD9Z1-638BJBEVM: Battery Junction Box Reference Design
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Design Resources

This reference design is applied to the Battery Junction Box, which is used in an electrical vehicle or a hybrid electrical vehicle. It is the sub-system of the Battery Management System, and it is designed as a platform that can be compatible with e-car and e-bus.

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