SCAC: Security Consultation for QorIQ

Plus Premium
Collection of Client Environment

4 web interactive over 2 weeks

8 web interactive over 4 weeks

On-Site – 3 day Intensive

NXP® Security Exper

Client Software Architect Required

Client Security “Owner” Required

NXP Architecture Expert

Client Hardware Designer Required

Client Manufacturing Liason Required

NXP Readout of Client Macro & Board Environment including some critical path analysis (schem, block, logical block, flow)

Processor Selection based on Architecture Analysis

Specific Security Recommendations & Identification of NXP HW Assists

Rationale for Security Recommendations

Threat Vector Analysis

NXP Readout of Critical Paths

Manufacturing Implications of Security

Specific Architecture Recommendations for Optimal System Performance

Rationale for Architecture Recommendations

NXP Detailed Implications of architecture on supply chain, business opportunities, & worldwide footprint

Executive Summary PPT / Onsite Readout

Post Project Support (web interactive)




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