CodeWarrior® Development Studio for 56800/E Digital Signal Controllers (Classic IDE) v8.3


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  • Classic IDE
  • Unlimited assembler
  • Unlimited C compiler and C source-level debugger (restrictions based on suite)
  • Standalone and built-in flash programmer
  • Processor Expert® with basic and advanced components
  • Instruction set simulator
  • Free master
  • Online help and documentation
  • Includes 12-month technical support
  • Free 30-day evaluation license available

Supported Devices

  • 56F801X: Digital Signal Controller for Motor Control Applications
  • 56F802X: Digital Signal Controller for Auto and Industrial Applications
  • 56F803X: Digital Signal Controller with CAN for Industrial Applications
  • 56F800x: MC56F8006 and MCF56F8002 Digital Signal Controllers

System Requirements



  • IDE version: 5.9
  • Host platforms:
    • Windows® XP/Vista 32-bit (Home Premium Edition & Business Edition)
  • Language support:
    • C
    • 56800/E assembly language
  • Build tools output formats:
    • DWARF1 for debug
    • S-Record
    • ELF for output formats
  • Host target interfaces:
    • CodeWarrior USBTAP®
  • Open Source BDM (Only support 56F800x, 56F824x/5x)


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